LG G3-Middle of screen not working


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Jul 28, 2015
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While I was drying my hair, some water accidentally dripped onto my phone. A couple of drops, that's it. I quickly dried it off, but soon, most of the my screen doesn't work. Mainly, the middle of the screen to the bottom. The screen itself looks normal. I've read some articles saying that there's a white patch inside all LG phones to detect water damage, however, I've checked the patch and it's white. There's no pink or red coloring. So, I'm officially lost. :( My parents said they won't be paying for another phone, so I'm trying to see how to get this fixed.
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Sorry to hear about your screen issue. A couple of drops should not do harm to your phone.
I assume it was working perfectly prior to the few drops.
I would try a factory reset. If you have any data that you need you will need to do a backup unless you have it set to auto backup to Google.
Let us know if that works for you.
I can't factory reset it because since the middle of the screen won't work when I touch it, I can't press "Ok" to factory reset. I can't even press "Ok" to power it off.
Okay, we can throw out the "pink dot/red dot" debate, because you can still have liquid damage even if they're still white.

Next, you need to power off the phone, and your only true option is using ADB command-prompt. You can find more about it by using Google.

I don't believe a hard reset is going to help the situation because I feel that you (a) watered down the device more than you're admitting or (b) a single drop of water fell right where it needed to destroy the LCD.

There are always options for repair, but they're more advanced. You can find LCD assemblies on eBay, and replace it yourself.