LG G Watch Receives TWRP Custom Recovery!


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Oct 6, 2011
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So far Android wear seems to mostly be a good way to tell time without pulling your phone out of your pocket, and a quick and easy way to access Google Now right from your wrist! There are some developers out there that apparently see Android Wear as being much more. There are already a few roms which have been pretty much stock firmware with small tweaks to help with performance and battery life. A few days ago TWRP was released for the LG G Watch and it seems as if possibilities could be endless for this device. Not only can you quickly and easily make a full backup of your device, you can now easily and quickly flash roms without the need of connecting the G watch to your charging pad. The only downside so far is that the theme does not expand to fill the entire screen so your touch button in TWRP are incredibly small. You will have to be extra careful to be sure to tap the right buttons. To grab the recovery just head to the link below!