LG Bootloader Unlock Tool Is Here! LG G4 Is Supported!


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Oct 6, 2011
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The LG G4 can now be bootloader unlocked for the European unlocked model that is. LG has released their long promised bootloader unlock tool. This is nearly identical to the HTCdev site which allows you to unlock the bootloader of your HTC device. You will have to the SDK installed on your PC, then you will provide the tool with your IMEI number and your device ID. The tool will email you a key which you will input to unlock your bootloader. I have tried this on my Preview device and I couldn't even get my device to boot into bootloader mode. One of my friends has the compatible model H815 and got an error. I have a feeling that this may still have a few bugs or kinks that need to be worked out which could be why only one variant of the LG G4 is supported. If you happen to be the happy owner of the european H815 head to the link below to unlock your bootloader.

via LGDeveloper


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Dec 10, 2009
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A possible reason for the error is that there are two variants of model H815, one for Asian markets and one for EU. Only the EU version can currently be unlocked using the LG key.

The good news is that team Chainfire and jcase now have G4s and are working on them. Fingers crossed for good news from them or LG in the coming weeks.