Left for the Inspire back for the Tbolt


Jul 27, 2010
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Dallas, Tx
The Inspire was a great phone but I just couldn't stand AT&T's no unlimited data plan. Was spoiled with that while I had my Droid.

Couple of things I notice that are a bit different.

1) This thing heats up like my OCed Droid!

2) Liked the Inspires aluminum body back (anyone notice the back on this pops while you text in landscape mode?

3) Love how I don't have to sideload apps on this like I did with the Inspire...what a pain that was!

4) After using the Inspire for a couple of weeks the T-bolt seems less wide (which I loved on the Inspire.

5) Love that this phone is actually LTE capable...I just ran 19.86mbps/8mbps in Dallas...the highest I could ever get with the Inspire & AT&T's throttle '4G' was 2.65/1.05...HUGE difference!

6) Love the kickstand but did anyone notice that when at landscape you can't connect the USB cable? Verizon's way of making you purchase the cradle? Will get it anyway but seems like poor designmanship if it wasn't intentional.

7) Love the fact they're selling a bigger battery as an option as opposed to getting it through ebay (although it would've been nice to get that 2700mah battery in the box).

8) Did anyone notice a lag when texting? The Inspire was buttery smooth, I'm getting a slight lag as I type this.

9) Like how the camera doesn't protrude at the back like the Inspire, was annoying.

10) The new Sense was on the Inspire but just gotta give HTC props on this update in 2.0, so many good things about it to mention.

All in all I'm glad I'm coming back home to Verizon just felt odd at the AT&T store! This phone rocks, sure there were some things I missed from the Inspire but everything else on this phone makes up for that?
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