LED notifications


Apr 2, 2010
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im pretty sure i read this from someone else too, but is anyone else getting any other colors besides green and orange?

Im assuming the apps have to be configured for the thunderbolt? but its still on 2.2.1
You get two colors with the TB, Green and orange.
so your saying its going to have to be rooted to get the other colors...or
No, there is no way to get any colors other than what we already have.
I think, there is also red when the battery falls below 10%.
I think, there is also red when the battery falls below 10%.
There is but the only colors you can use right now are orange and green. May change when more devs get into it but I doubt it.
im sure the LED can handle other colors? isnt it just programming and such? i like my other colors damnit heh
I'm assuming the LED that comes with the thunderbolt is like the one that comes in the Incredible. From what I researched, LED's can be ordered to do multiple colors or only a couple of colors. HTC apparently goes the cheap way and doesn't give us the one that does multiple colors.
those fukers. one of these tech sites took the phone apart right? trying to see if they have the LED info.
+1 for that. I really liked my multiple colored LED in my Motorola phones. Not sure if a teardown has been done yet on the tbolt.