Launcherpro Gingerbread problems


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Nov 27, 2010
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So I installed the leaked gingerbread and decided to go back to launcherpro. I thought it Launcherpro would be run fine, if not faster but after a couple of hours of usage I've noticed that when scrolling through homescreens its actually a lot slower. What I was wondering is if anyone else had any problems and if they found a solution to this lag.
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Dunno about launcher pro, havnt used it since adw ex arrived, but i can say adw runs great, has the 4d appdrwer that can be made transparent to show wallpaper behind drawer, and the sweep up and sweep down functions are way cooler than touchin buttons to open drawer, notificatioms ,or whatever u want to set to. Running great with gb root leak
Im using launcherpro plus on my D2 with no issues whatsoever...I tried the stock launcher, but missed the scrolling dock.

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