laggy Ally. i know . . . SHOCKER!


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Feb 7, 2011
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So hello out there to everyone!
I'm very new to this and android phones in general. My reasons for joining your community have to do with wanting to know as much as I can about my android. Also, I got just far enough in the "signing in process" to notice that, although I don't remember his user name, there is another drummer out ther somewhere. Looked to be an 8 or 9 piece kit. Back to it. All the guys in my band have droids, I got my ally free with my new contract. Wanted the droid 2, but my girlfriend wouldn't let me shell out the extra hundred for it.haha! I've tinkered with the droids enough to see how much more stealthy a phone they are compared to mine. I really don't understand the big talk about the 2.2 upgrade either. I got mine on my way home from a gig one night around 3 a.m. and saw some cool changes in the launcher and general format of my phone, but I don't think I can even get a flash on this thing even with the upgrade. Plus, when I go to my apps. I swear I'm still seeing some of the stuff listed as 2.1. Please forgive me if I sound like an idiot about this stuff. I am! I just want to learn about these things. Oh, and I do love the whole "android vs. apple" thing. Androids do rock like no other! Hope to hear from someone to break the ice soon. Thanks a lot!
One more thing . . . Could someone tell me if I should be asking these questions in a different forum please?