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Jul 21, 2010
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Dayton Ohio
Just recently got an LG Ally. I have to say it has been a pleasant experience. I started with an LG V, upgraded to an EnV when I accidentally smashed the poor V in the cardoor, then later upgraded to an EnV2, now the Ally. Seems to be an LG trend here :)

The only complaint I have so far is the touch screen "back" button only responds about 30% of the time. I've seen someone already has this problem, so its not just me. Otherwise, it seems to be a very responsive phone, wonderful screen and easy enough to use. I've heard the camera gets poor ratings, but as long as it is better than my EnV2's camera, I'll be happy. The EnV had a better camera than the EnV2 BTW.

Also, I picked up an LG Dock for it, which I highly reccomend! It somehow automatically brings up the alarm clock mode when inserted which is a nice touch!

As for me, I'm 43 been interested in electronics most of my life. I collect and restore antique radios and am mildly active in amateur radio. Single and also have a fascination for foxes. Not sure what else to say, so I think I'll end it here.