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Nov 23, 2014
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Does anyone knows how to lock screen, but not the application. What I mean: I use mobile phone as toarch or I use YouTube. During this usage of my mobile phone I would like to lock screen but application could still work. How top do this?
Welcome to the forum! I'm not familiar with toarch, but YouTube is rolling out the ability to some users to let it run in the background and with the screen off.

This may only be for people with an all access subscription to Google play music though. They also get a subscription to YouTube music key, which offers this and other functionality.

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Could you tell more about this functionality? It would be interesting for me. It would be just enough to add functionality to Android operating system, where switching off button wouldn't switch off applications. Only screen. This 2 applications are just only examples. I'm interested in something what wouldn't block any application. There is workaround, but only for some cases: switch on multiple windows options in system. Add 2 application. One you are interested in (for example YouTube), and second doing nothing when you click. Switch on music on YouTube and increase size of second application to maximum. When you click, application doing nothing gets data about clicking, but does (from definition) nothing with that info.
As I said, this functionality in YouTube is only available to people who subscribe to Google play music all access, because they've been given a trial of YouTube's new music key service which will also be a paid subscription.

As for allowing other apps to run when the screen is off, that's really up to each individual developer. Third party music apps can play music when the screen is off just like the stock music player & I have a police scanner that plays audio when the screen is off, but this functionality doesn't rely on the core of Android as much as the code that app developers include in their apps.

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