L4 Calendar sharing application - not gmail


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Jun 28, 2013
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Hello everyone,

I'm the administrator of my company's cell phone hardware/account/blah blah and am in need of some assistance.

We just recently switched to the Android platform using Samsung Galaxy S4's and I need to setup Calendar sharing between a group of 7 employees. We're using a non-Google platform for our email and I need it to be sync'd so the employees can enter calendar appointments from their phone or their desktops as well as view each others appointments.

We're using an MS Exchange Server as out platform and our email program is Zimbra (not sure if that makes a difference)

My backup plan is to create a global email/calendar account that all users enter their work appointments on and personal/private or kept on their non shared but I am low on email licenses and will need to replicate it for our satellite office, which means two licenses tied up for calendar which is not ideal.

I am not adverse to the idea of a pay app but would prefer something free. If anyone has any suggestions, tips or tricks I am more than ears. If this topic has been covered before please feel free to direct me to the thread. I did a search but could not come up with any results.

Thanks again
in Ottawa