Keyboard Shortcuts


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Dec 14, 2011
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Got my D4, hate the screen. But it's got the best keyboard on the market, and that was my priority, so I'll live with it and wish for an imaginary superphone with a great keyboard AND a great screen (and a quad-core CPU and a battery that lasts a week but weighs nothing, all for $99 off-contract...)

Anyway, I've found that the basic keyboard shortcuts are there like Menu-X to cut text. But there appears to be another way to access them that I haven't figured out. While entering a URL into the browser the keyboard shortcuts seemed to have gotten activated. For example, if I started typing "flax", I'd get an "f", then an "fl", and then the A key would perform a Select All on the "fl" instead of entering another letter, and then the X key would cut the text. I wasn't holding down the menu button, and this mode seemed to stay locked in even if I pressed the Menu button and then backed out with the Back button. This has happened a few times already today.

Anyone know what I'm doing, and how to do it on purpose? If there's a way to get to the shortcuts totally on the keyboard, without reaching up to the menu button beside the screen, that would be convenient.