Keyboard mod help?


Feb 24, 2010
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Just wondering if anybody can help me out, I've just started using iTap keyboard with the iPhone theme simply because, i need a bigger space bar. I don't use the dumb smiley key on any of the other keyboards and I'm tired of accidentally hitting a period where a space should be. Anyway, its working out a lot better for me so far, I just want to change one thing (other than theme). There is a button that says "emote", and when tapped, it types ":)" and when pressed and tapped, it displays a popup with multiple smileys to choose from. What I want to do is change the word "emote" to just a "." and when pressed, types a period. Basically, changing the function of the key. I used apk manager to de-compile the apk, and I changed said values to what I wanted them to be, but when I tried re-compiling the APK, it had some errors. Any ideas? Any help is much appreciated...

Screenshot for a better explanation:

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