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Nov 12, 2014
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Welcome to Elite Kernels for Verizon m7. One is for Sense based 4.4.3 roms, one for GPE 4.4.4 roms, & one for AOSP 4.4.4 roms. There are two variations of sense, one with OC/UC and one with stock clock slots.

Additional Features are as follows:

- CPU OC and UC 162-2106
- ROW, SIO, ZEN, FIOPS, and VR schedulers
- OnDemand, Performance, Power Save, Intelliactive, Intellidemand, Intellimm, Optimax, Smartmax, and Lionheart Governors
- Max Screen Off CPU Frequency
- Advanced TCP Congestion controls
- Fast Charge
- GPU OC/UC with steps of 128, 200, 320, 400, 450, and 487
- Faux Sound Control
- User Space Voltage control
- Thermal Control by crpalmer
- Intelliplug HotPlug alternative
- Screen Wake options: Sweep2Wake, DoubleTap2Wake, Logo2wake, pocket detection,flick2wake, pick2wake and Logo2Menu
- Cpu stats enabled
- FS encryption disabled to allow system r/w
- Many performance patches to memory management and fs control
- LZ4 Compression
- Kexec Hardboot
- Linaro 4.9.2 arm cortex a15 with 02 optimization
- Simple GPU governor

Elite Lunar Kernel for Sense 4.4.3
Sense 443 - OLD Gestures (no xposed):
OC/UC - Elite_Kernel-12_31_2014
StockClock - Elite_Kernel-12_31_2014-stockclk

Sense 443 - NEW Gestures (xposed):
OC/UC - Elite_Kernel-12_31_2014-gest
StockClock - Elite_Kernel-12_31_2014-gest-stockclk

Elite Lunar Kernel for GPE 4.4.4
OC/UC - Elite_Lunar_GPE_Kernel-08_26_2014
StockClock - Elite_Lunar_GPE_Kernel-08_26_2014-stock_clk

Elite Kernel for AOSP - CM based ROMs

Elite Kernel - stock with wake features only

Please notify me if you are going to use this kernel in your ROM

Sense 4.4.3 Source
GPE 4.4.4 Source
CM 4.4.4 Source
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