[KERNEL] Elite Kernels [Lollipop 5.0.x] [GPE] [AOSP]


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Nov 12, 2014
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Welcome to Elite Lollipop Kernels. Custom kernels for the Verizon & Sprint HTC One, built for Android 5.0 - Lollipop. Currently, there is a GPE and an AOSP version.

Additional Features are as follows:

- OC and UC 162-2106
- ROW, SIO, ZEN, FIOPS, schedulers
- OnDemand, Performance, Power Save, Interactive, Intelliactive, Intellidemand, Smartmax, and Lionhart Governors
- Max Screen Off CPU Frequency
- Advanced TCP Congestion controls
- Fast Charge
- GPU OC/UC with steps of 128, 200, 320, 400, 450, and 487
- Faux Sound Control
- User Space Voltage control
- Thermal Control by crpalmer
- Intelliplug HotPlug alternative
- Screen Wake options: Sweep2Wake, DoubleTap2Wake, Logo2wake, pocket detection,flick2wake, pick2wake and Logo2Menu
- Cpu stats enabled
- FS encryption disabled to allow system r/w
- Many performance patches to memory management and fs control


Elite L GPE
VZW - Stock Clocks: eLite_GPE_Kernel-12_11_2014-stkclock
VZW - OC/UC: eLite_GPE_Kernel-12_11_2014

Sprint - Stock Clocks: eLite_GPE_Kernel-12_11_2014-stkclock-WLS
Sprint - OC/UC: eLite_GPE_Kernel-12_11_2014-WLS

Elite L AOSP

GPE Source
AOSP Source
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Q: How do I set or change the kernel settings?
A: Use an app like Trickster to control the kernel settings.

Q: Why do some developers use an install script to set the kernel features and others use a control app?
A: To each his own. I personally like the flexibility of a control app so I can change settings on the fly and monitor the cpu frequencies/temperature etc. in lieu of changing the script and rebooting each time.

Q: Will you add this feature?
A: Maybe if you provide me with a good reason and research backing up why it's good to add. I like to keep my kernels somewhat clean to maintain optimization on battery and performance without going overboard.
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GPE lollipop kernels added for vzw and sprint. Aosp link updated.