Keeping my Apps from one phone to the next or after reset?


Jan 29, 2010
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I had to reset my phone today, and I wonder if there was an easier way to recover all of my apps rather than searching through the market for every one of them again? They are all free apps but I could not find a way to keep a list of what I had for easier reference and recovery, does anyone know?
app backup will do what you want it to. You can select the apps you want to back up then chose where you want it to be backed up to. Chose SD card. When you reset your phone or get a new phone, just pull the SD storage up and re install your apps from there. If you get a new phone, just insert your SD card into that phone.
Go to the Market and hit your Menu key and choose my apps. It has two sections, Installed and Not installed. Just click each of the apps that are not installed to have them re installed on your phone. The Uninstalled apps are toward the bottom. Look for a header, Not Installed.