K-9 help! Took all of my IMAP messages from Outlook


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Oct 6, 2010
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Hello everyone. I'm very sorry, but this is a bit of an emergency and I haven't been able to find this exact problem listed on the forum yet.

I'll be as brief and concise as possible.

My co-worker got a new Droid Incredible and installed K-9 to replace the awful standard email client.

She has Outlook set up on 2 computers and having all 3 going at the same time was causing problems (depending on which machine a message was read, the others would not get it). We use a POP3 service for work (yeah, I know, dumb). I figured if we switched her account to IMAP, we wouldn't have this problem.

I created an IMAP account on Outlook on one PC and went to move the stored messages from her POP3 folder to the IMAP folder. Her Droid picked up all of the messages, but then removed them from Outlook. All of the settings were set to leave copies on the server, but that didn't happen. They're completely gone out of Outlook and only on her Droid. I don't even see them in her webmail folders.

How do I get those messages (about 2 months worth of her most recent messages) back onto the server or export them back to Outlook? I can't find anything for exporting or backing up.

I'm just grateful that nothing was completely lost, but she cannot work off her phone constantly. She's going to have to forward messages back to herself, but what a pain when it comes to 1000 messages. Any help would be phenomenally appreciated!!