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Apr 20, 2010
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Are there a lot of folks on here that assume that everyone that is apart of this forum know a lot about electronics? I've posted a couple threads and I'm pretty sure all of them have had one person just make a rude remark like I shouldn't be on here asking stupid questions. I am very new to getting on a forum based on a phone. It's irritating.

On a side note, I'm totally stoked that I posted a thread and it's gotten to three pages haha. Small victories.:icon_ banana:
Some people are just jerks. It still gets to me sometimes too.

This forum has what, 60000 people? You would think that people understand we come from all walks of life!
Sad part is a lot of the people who post the rude comments had the same questions at some point in time. Now they feel that it just gives them the right to post down to anyone else, after all it is now common knowledge to them. One way you can try and save yourself the grief is to make sure you do thorough searches for whatever your looking for. Just a suggestion. Dog
Don't pay attention to the idiots. Everyone has been new to this phone at one point. Most of the members on here are very helpful and understand the learning curve.

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Thanks. I just get so irritated when people assume things of someone.
It happens. But the folks here that may do that are waay less than the ones at an xbox 360 forum I go to. I rarely ask anything there for this reason. I just do heavy reading....lol