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Apr 3, 2011
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First off Id like to say hello to all. I have a few questions, I finally aquired a new Droid 2 Global last month with version 2.2 on it. I have been debating the pros and cons of rooting my phone. Im not sure why I need it rooted, as most apps are free in the market and many other places, but I like the option to configure the droid to my specs by rooting phone. I have read post after post and watched video after video on rooting your phone, unrooting phone and unbricking phone. My question is why some people want to unroot phone and put back to factory, if you can do so much with it rooted? Also I was wanting to dowload all the files needed to root, unbrick and unroot phone, but I have found many links disabled to these files. Any suggestions or comments would be very appreciated. Any files also very much appreciated.
Thanks to all that respond and Im happy tp be part of the droid community!
welcome to the forum. well I own a D2G and it is rooted. my main objective was to tether between my laptop and now my Xoom. most ppl do it for those reasons without having to pay an arm and a leg for extra svc to their bill. it does void ur warranty. if ppl need to unroot to go back to stock, its a possibility they maybe taking it back to the store. vzw will not take it back due to tampering with the phone. others may just not like it for other issues.

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Welcome! I have a d2g also and the biggest reason I rooted was to get rid of the motoblur stuff on it. Its gotten to the point where I can't stand it even for the few minutes im on stock after sbf'ing my phone back to life. For rooting google z4root. For sbf (unbrick), there's a sticky in the d2g subforum that has a link to download it and one for the drivers, might have to google rsdlite 4.9 though. Last time I tried the link in the sticky for it was down.

If you have any questions or need to be walked through rooting/roms or anything else feel free to pm me :)

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What roms for the d2g are out and close to bugless?

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Only fission 2.4.3. However, we have all d2 roms working on the d2g with our (team get r done) ROMer tool. The only thing that doesn't work is sensors.

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Ok thanks

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