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Jul 16, 2012
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Raleigh, NC
Does juice defender actually work? And if so what does it do?

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I used it for a week and honestly didn't notice a difference. The free version does the exact same thing as the built in battery manager. On bionic anyways.

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I had the premium version on my OG Droid, but really didn't see any difference. On the Bionic (with me anyway) it seems to add a few hours to the charge.

It works by turing the radios on and off. For example, if you have WiFi turned on, it'll turn it off if it doesn't detect WiFi activity. Then it'll turn it back on in 15 minutes to check again.
Juice defender will help, i have got a little over a day on it before with JD, but i also only had a hour worth of screen time. Basically if your phone is going to sit at idle for a good of the day it will save alot of battery, but if the screen is on and your browsing the web it still kill the battery the same
I tried this on my Razr and had exactly zero change. I started to use Advanced Task Killer and I have noticed about a 50% increase. I dont really need to charge at all during the day with moderate use.