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Jul 5, 2012
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Does anyone else have spotty performance with this app? This used to be an outstanding calendar app. But 3 months ago, Jorte froze in Task and I couldn't get it to respond. After rebooting my X2 multiple times, it was still frozen in Task so I had no choice but to wipe Jorte out of my X2 losing everything. :mad:

So I reinstalled and so far, no issues. Until today. I set up an event for next week with no issues. Then tried to set up an event on 7/23. I enter the info as usual, click Update, and it won't recognize/register the Event. I tried other days after 7/23, even picking random days in different months (August, October, etc) and I cannot set up an event after 7/23. I can set up additional events up to 7/23, but not after 7/23.

This used to be an outstanding calendar app. What the heck happened???
Figured out the issue. I can't select "All Day" any longer - I must enter AM/PM When times. I'm learning on these apps that Updates aren't always a good thing.