itunes playlists wont sync to DROID BIONIC phone using ZUMOCAST


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Sep 19, 2011
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When I load zumocast on my DROID BIONIC everything syncs fine except for my itunes playlists. How can I force the phone to sync my playlists?

I opened the preferences of zumocast installed on my windows 7 PC and double checked that the "itunes configuration folder" location was correct and that the correct itunes library files are n that folder and hit refresh playlists many times but no luck.

The playlists upload with no problem to the browser version of zumocast so I cant figure out why it wont upload to the phone when EVERYTHING else uploads fine. It sucks because 99% of why I was looking forward to zumocast was to play my itunes playlists.

Please let me know if anyone knows how to fix this issue because I really would like to stream my itunes playlists.