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Nov 19, 2011
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So I purchased Modern Combat 3 the other day when they had the sale. Usually don't download too many games but saw it was discounted a good bit thought I'd try it!

Well, I've been trying to download the required files probably 5+ times now and am getting an issue every time. What happens is I open the app, it tells me to download and I click the button to start. It begins to download fine for a given amount of time. Then I check and notice it has stopped (not at a specific amount, always a different amount downloaded so far).

I thought perhaps it was weak Wifi signal, but I always have 2 or 3 bars in my home. I also considered the wifi sleep policy. I had it originally on only when plugged in, so I tried downloading while the phone was plugged in but had the same issue. So I changed it to "Always" and just attemped to download again only to be stopped around 550MB downloaded.

Also, I notice that when I see that the download has stopped and I go to open the app either through the multitasking menu or through the app icon, the app completely restarts.

I've never had issues downloading large files over Wifi on other devices so I feel like it has to be something with the phone or the app.

Any idea on what could be going wrong or what I need to do to fix it?
Are you using a lot of different apps while this is downloading in the background and maybe causing it to kill the download? Have you tried to reboot and try again?

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I had the exact same problem yesterday. What I ended up doing was plugging it into ac, then every 20 - 30 secs touch the screen somewhere to keep it awake. Don't know exactly what is going on but it worked. PITA though.

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I downloaded through wifi with my device plugged in and the screen off while I took care of some things. 10 minutes later it was done.

Try clearing the cache/data of MC3, that may help. Or you could re-establish a wifi connection. Also if I've heard changing your router's channel to 4 creates a more stable connection.