Issue With Receiving Calls. PLEASE HELP!!!!


Dec 30, 2009
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For the past couple of months both lines on my account have been experiencing issues. Randomly, when someone attempts to call one of the 2 lines (me or my wife), they receive the "Thank you for calling Verizon Wireless. The number you have reached has been changed, disconnected, or no longer in service." They then have to call back (sometimes multiple times before they can get through). I experience it when I call from my mobile to my wife's phone as well. It is become quite a pain and VZW has been NO help at all!!! They claim I am in a marginal service area. There are multiple problems with that statement.

1. I am in a great service area and I always have full service.
2. The problem does not always occur in my home service area!!!

The rep then changed her mind and said it must be equipment, however my wife has been through 3 different phones within the past couple of months.

She then recommended I changed carriers!!!!! This really upset me as I have Verizon service for everything (VZW and FiOS).

Can someone please recommend any kind of solution???? :mad:
I'm sorry for tour frustration. It happens to me all the time. I am in the NYC metro area and have noticed That this happens to me a lot during lunch time and 5pm rush hour. Many vzw customer care reps won't know how to answer You. Make sure you ask to be transferred to second level technical support and open up a trouble ticket. Get the trouble ticket number and always reference it. At least..if You complain enough you may get some compensation. Good luck.

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