Is there any rom that supports hdmi out?


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Jul 8, 2013
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I had been using my mobile hotspot to get a decent connection on my Kindle to watch the free streaming video from my amazon prime subscription, but opted not to renew because originally the free two day shipping was handy at the main reason for the initial subscription, content was a bonus. I no longer need the shipping on a regular basis and the content wasn't enough for me to pay the rate increase to keep it.

I also have HBOGo access that is on my phone so I thought I could cut out the kindle, because using the wifi tether drains my phone, streaming drains the kindle so both have to be on a charger. Go to plug in my hdmi on my phone with CM, and since I never used the micro hdmi on it I was suprised to find it didn't work. I tried using stock but it's driving me crazy, so I thought I would at least ask in the off there is a rom or someone knows a workaround for this to make it work, or if it's hopeless and I'm stuck with my original set up. Thanks.