Is there an NFC tutorial out there?


May 7, 2011
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I have a Galaxy S-5 and a few NFC tags. Now I need help setting it up.
Would like to turn on Bluetooth when I get in my Jeep and off when I get out.
Search didn't reveal much.
That's a good question. I'm going to follow this thread, because I keep thinking it'd be nice to get some setup myself.

The tags didn't come with any help/info on how to set them up? I know there was a brand I was reading about that had a companion app. Maybe you're missing something like that?
There are several apps that will program NFC tags. Like Jonny Kansas said, some NFC tags recommend a specific app, but any of them should work with any tags. They're all pretty straightforward and simple to understand. Here are a few:


NFC Tools (along with the companion app NFC Tasks, which is required for some advanced functions like enabling Bluetooth)

Samsung Tectiles
Got the apps. Got the tags. Probably screwed up a tag or two playing with them. Any help out there how to make these work?

See my avatar? It's a 1978 Jeep. I was close to 30 when I bought it new. Does that qualify me as old enough to need help here?
This walks you through how to set up, create, and even re use nfc tags...