Is there a way to use PC internet connection on Droid? (reverse tethering)


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Apr 14, 2010
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I'd like to use my pc's internet connection on my Droid. I don't have good 3G signal and no wifi avaliable.
Does anyone know of an app to utilize pc wired internet connection on the droid via the usb cable?

I would go buy a wireless router for $30-40 and throw it in-line. If you have to be wired to the PC, may as well be on the PC.

Probably get one even cheaper on ebay. That $ is for a new Linksys G...
thats what i was gonna say... wifi. otherwise you could probably pull it off with bt
Basically, I'm just trying to be able to use Droid in the office where I don't have good signal. Guess I really didn't think this through....

fwiw I have an extra dsl router with wifi on it, I just configured it in the house as a wifi (disabled all dhcp/router functions) and it works great.
nothing fancy, many broadband modems have wifi.