is there a way to install older zip themes on miui 1.1.28?


Oct 12, 2010
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I downloaded a theme called rage from HTTP:// its in a zip format. I moved the theme to the miui themes folder. Doesn't show up in the theme manager. So I went into the miui file manager and navigated to the miui themes folder and found the theme there. I clicked it but unread of taking me to the theme manager it takes me to rom manager. I don't think that rom manager will install the theme. I haven't clicked it in fear that it will mess up my phone. So I guess my question is, is it possible it install older themes on miui 1.1.28?
I'm not currently on MIUI, so it may have changed in the latest release, because I stopped on the last one, but I doubt it. It should work(as far as I know). In the theme manager, there should be an option to load more themes, and you should be able to go and select it. It didn't always work for me but it did at times. Sorry if I'm telling you to do what you already did. I don't know if you went to it just straight from the file manager or through the file manager through the theme app.
I actually went in both ways. The stand alone file manager took me to rom manager and the import theme button lets u select it but doesn't do anything :-(
Ah, I see. Well, I'm not sure then:/ On the last release I used, the one before 26/28, I installed the zip theme for Meizu M9. So, it should work on this release. You could always convert it to .mtz and see if that helps.
How do u go about converting it? Don't mean to be a pain in the butt but I really want that theme lol
Not really sure:) I'm pretty sure you can just change the extension to .mtz. But I heard something about them being set up different than zips, but I also know members who have mtz's set up as zips and it works fine.
Ok. Well thanks for trying to help me. I Google's converting zip to Mtz but not much info on it. Guess ill keep researching.
Thank u spoon much. Who knew it was that easy. Just renamed the file to .Mtz and bam. Worked like a charm. Once again thank u