Is my thinking correct?


May 27, 2011
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So I have a Droid X but I want to upgrade to a 4G phone. My contract ends on July 7th. I was thinking of waiting and going on a month to month until the new Motorola 4G comes out to renew my contract. I have called Verizon and asked if I go to month to month and then switch to a 4G phone from a 3G phone after July 7th would I get put on tiered data. I got both yes and no answers. I was thinking I should just go ahead and get the Thunderbolt and use it for two years and then get the new Motorola when my contract expires then. Is my thinking correct? Am I making and sense? I want to keep my unlimited plan and if I have to switch to a 4G now I will and from what I can tell the Thunderbolt is better than the Charge and those are the only two 4G phones I would consider. I will not get the LG since it has Bing.
Your call to make. There's no single answer to your question.