Is my commando software bricked?


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Sep 4, 2011
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Ok, so if someone would help little old confused me here get my commando back to good health I will bake you a tasty batch of cookies...

Rooted my commando the 2nd day I got it with superoneclick, installed busybox, ROM manager, root explorer, etc, and backed up/froze/uninstalled all the bloat with titanium backup. Everything was great and working beautifully. The only problem I ever experienced (aside from how hard/impossible it seems to be to do anything with flashing ROMs with the commando) was a rare complaint from callers saying they couldn't hear me speak during calls. 2 days ago, callers could never hear anything- my phones mic seemed to be completely MIA. Maybe not being the brightest pumpkin in the patch, I did a factory reset figuring it was worth a shot, and now my phone seems to be software bricked. It boots up fine, but there is absolutely no home screen, no way to get into any menu/settings/apps, etc. The only thing I can do, strange enough, is pull down the status bar to get into email/sms if i have those notifications. Also I can answer calls when they come in (they just can't hear me). I've searched to no avail to figure out a way to do a hard/alternate reset, but the geniuses at casio apparently didn't include that function... So, I have a warranty replacement phone coming in a few days, but my pc won't recognize my phone in order to unroot, and I'm nervous about the return warehouse realizing I'm fully rooted and charging me 400$. I feel like since I can boot up and access the status bar, there HAS to be a way to at least wipe everything and erase any evidence of rootage. If anyone has any suggestions or insight I would really appreciate it. I've searched google and forums for hours and am coming up blank....

A sidenote to anyone thinking about getting a commando - Even though I'm no tech-wiz, I've kind of learned that this seems to be one of the worst phones to have when it comes to rooting customizations/flashing new ROMs, nandroid backups, etc... Wish I would've figured that out earlier...


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Sep 12, 2010
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This could be a shot in the dark, but since you don't have a home screen, maybe the home screen launcher is missing. And if you can get to the notification bar, maybe you can email yourself a home screen launcher. Or go to the online android market and download one. If you can get to the notification bar, you may be able to get to the launcher app after it installs.
Just a guess. Good luck with it.

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