Is it possible to enabled NTFS file system reading on the Droid 4?


Dec 28, 2010
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I want to connect my external HDD to my phone to upload stuff at full speed and the tethering apps just aren't allowing me to do that. Even Foxfi (new paid version) bottle-necked my upload for w/e reason so I refunded it. So if anyone knows of a way, or a ROM or something that enables it, that would be awesome. I think it might only be doable with custom kernals tho.

Edit" ahhh nevermind I'm dumb... they have apps for this sort of thing. Very awesome, didn't think such a feature was so easily added, yet not done by default..

Well now my next problem is not being able to upload a video to youtube because it can't due so from "Cloud Services". External memory is considered cloud, even tho its directly connected? Well, at least there are some features still able to look forward to in Android, even though it's the only think I want atm.
Maybe there is some way to edit it, to make it look like external memory is really internal? I find it very silly to limit it. I guess I will have to try and format my SD card to NTFS so I can just copy bigger files to it and upload it like that.
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