Is it Facebook or Wifi?? Help please.


Dec 15, 2009
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Does the RAZR MAXX have WiFi issues? (Wifi being slower than 4G/speed tests inside)

I've been having this issue for about 2 months (since getting the phone)... FriendCaster AND the stock Facebook app always have loading issues when I'm on WiFi. The minute I switch to 4G, things run pretty smooth (except pictures -- but I believe this is a known FB mobile bug). I also use a few other apps like gReader (an unofficial google reader app) and sometimes it has tons of problems loading as well while on WiFi.

I've used my mother iPhone and downloaded some similar apps that I have, and her phone runs perfectly fine while connected to Wifi. It's so hard for me to narrow down the problem, because it could be the apps for Android, WiFi, or maybe even the phone. I'm not sure. I'm on ICS .215 leak and it has been doing this since Gingerbread and even throughout .211 official ICS.

Is there some sort of app that could perform like a network app (besides app) that can analyze the connection for potential issues? I even get decent download/upload speeds... I'm just so confused as to why I have problems on Wifi for some reason whereas my mother doesn't. What do you guys think?
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Here are my upload/download speeds from my connection at home (with a wireless router completely reset to factory defaults). Also, Cisco modem from Cox is ~3 days old. Can anyone explain to me why the connection (with these results) would constantly cause FriendCaster to load for an extremely long time on WiFi, whereas 4G is much faster?

Here is wifi View attachment 53268
Here is 4G View attachment 53269
Also, connecting from the laptop wirelessly (in addition to from the iPhone), no issues. Everything loads right up with speed.
Bumping topic. Can anyone help?

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I thought it was Facebook too, but it appears to be happening with multiple apps now :(. Everything works much better on 4G, but not as good on Wifi for some reason.