iphone apps?


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Jun 29, 2010
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Was wondering if there is a way to download iPhone apps and games onto my Droid?
Come on guys, this is new member and a valid question, (although it is posted in the wrong area) personally, never having owned an iphone there are still a few games I would like to see ported over, unfourtunatly askey this just is not a possibility.

Also askey, when you post a new thread, it makes it easier on everybody if it is posted in the right area, this thread belongs in off topic/general discussion area
reason i posted in here is because this is the ROM im running. Only reason i asked is because i would like to get Angry Birds on my droid after playing it on my buddies Iphone. Also a jailbroken iphone can get android apps so i figured we could get iphone apps.
Let's play nice....
You can use android apps on a jailbroken iphone??? what?!?.......thats kinda cool
i could imagine some sort of an iphone emulator though. i wonder if developers see that as blasphemy and not work on it. it sounds like a goldmine to me though. id pay $10+ for an iphone emulator on my droid. (for apps and games we have yet to see on android, obviously)
since i already have a thread open...... does anyone know why my email wont connect to my yahoo account. My last jrummy ROM i was able to but now i cant connect to yahoo.
i would like to see something like this. i would definitally pay some money for it
not gonna lie, the iphone app store is way better than android's (for the time being at least ;) )