ESPN Fantasy Football app & questions


Mar 28, 2011
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Murfreesboro, TN
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My friends talked me into joining their FF league & ESPN has conveniently made an app for both iOS & Android (I'm currently on iOS). My iPhone version of the app doesn't offer one fun little feature; the Smack Talk board on each game's webpage. I'm looking to get an Android phone in a month or 2 & wanted to know if the Android version of the app has the smack talk board for either phones or tablets. If it doesn't, is there a way to circumvent the need to use Flash in the web browser (iOS browser says "Flash required to view")? This is one of those times in which I should have held onto my Thrive because I had downloaded Flash to it.
Only message board can be accessed on android app. No smack talk on individual games.
Thanks. The same message board is available for my iPhone. Does anyone know of a way to use the smack talk board on the web browser without Flash support? Or do I have to stick to using a PC for smack talk?