iPad or tablet...Help?


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Apr 7, 2010
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My dad came home today talking about buying my mom an iPad for V-day. I really want him to wait but he keeps giving me this: Its a proven device and i can get accessories anywhere for it. Which i can respect but hes buying it right before some really good tablets are coming out. I say xoom or some future tablet but im having some troubles. My main argument is Flash as my mother surfs constantly and she plays facebook games like farm ville. My questions are do cafe world and farmville work on iPad? I cant with certainty say that they would work on xoom either so i'm a bit in a tangle. Ill be fine with okaying an iPad but i need some more opinions. Facebook and all that run good on ipad right? my dad is set on $700 on. 64gb i believe. What are your thoughts guys?

***And i realize that their is a tab forum but since im not a member over their this is the most effort i feel like doing.
Can't do that with iPad but there should be a farmville application for the phone itself.
Which would work a lot better anyways with it's own app and a big awesome screen.
But also remember you can't do any flash on iPad.

There is also similar games on android market if you got her an Archos 101 instead or another android based tablet.

For what she wants I would recommend the iPad though, even though it's overpriced by a long shot but if the dad is willing to get it then get it. If I was him I would get your mom the $499 iPad that holds less memory (but still a lot!)
Your mom for browsing and playing games like farmville she won't even use a lot of the memory on the cheapest iPad. I think thats perfect for her, and iPads are extremely user friendly (LIMITED) but which is also again, good for a mom. She doesn't need hacks and the good stuff android (like Archos) provides.

Hope it helps some! Really don't think he needs to spend a couple hundred dollars for extra memory she will not use, and if anything he should use the extra hundred for another huge amazing gift.
My 2cents
farmville is blocked on my droid.... would it be possible to playit on an android tablet? I can get my dad to wait for the xoom but i cant exactly say with certainty that my mother will be able to play her games... And i know their is a farmville app on ipad but my mom plays like 5 games on facebook. Not all of them will have an app. Anyone with an archos or galaxy tab here that can test if farmville works?