IP webcam not working


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Dec 14, 2010
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Is anyone familiar with this program? I installed the app and ran all the camera tests. When I connect to my home wireless and tell it to start the server, it tells me that I have a server running at The instructions tell me to just point my browser at that address, and I should be able to use my phone as a webcam, but both firefox and chromium are unable to connect to that address. Any advice?
I tried the same setup yesterday and same thing, no luck. I tried both 3G and wifi and using a program like VLC to stream it....no dice. I have no idea why it doesn't work.
I actually got IP webcam working. The problem for me was my wireless.
The droid has to be on the wireless (as opposed to 3g) for the program to work. This was my first time hooking up my droid to my home wireless, and the droid *said* it was connected to the wireless when it really wasn't. My advice is double check your internet connection.