Invisible Shield, etc. with Dock or Car Mount?


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Nov 12, 2009
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I asked this question in other posts but it doesn't appear anyone has any response, so I figured I'll ask it in a separate thread.

For everyone out there that has an Invisible Shield, Ghost Armor, Phantom Skinz, etc. and use the dock or car mount, does the phone still fit in the mounts without any problems? I would like to purchase both the dock and car mount, but want to make sure with the skin applied the phone will still fit without any problems.

I'm curious to hear your experiences.

Thanks for the help!
Answered in other thread.

For multimedia station: Doesn't effect it at all. In fact, I think it even fits more snug, but I never had the dock without the invisible shield on it.

Car dock: don't have one yet, but I could imagine some people getting worried about the intricate smaller pieces coming off.

However, the shield doesn't add much. I would imagine it just fits a tiny bit more snug, but it would be unnoticeable and it would fit well and can be removed easily. I highly doubt the car dock would be rendered useless just by the Invisible Shield. Alot of those docking products and all are built with some spare room to take out whatever unit easily anyway, and the shield doesn't seem to add anything.

edit: If anything, just get the Invisible Shield on your screen. I got the fully body kit and it still works fine, but the screen itself doesn't go in either docks. Just a suggestion...
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