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Nov 25, 2010
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Hey, I'm finally a Droid 2 user. I wanted a Droid X but I was waiting for the buy one get one deals so that my hubby could get one too. We are both former Blackberry users and though the switch has been an adjustment we are really trying to stay w/the Droid. I usually am the one who gets frustrated w/the technology my hubby is considering switching back. Our complaint is battery life. We could listen to music and play w/apps for 2-3 days on the Blackberry but our Droids burn out quickly. Any advice? Thanks, I look forward to making new friends w/other users.
Do not use a task killer they use more resources than they save, download z4root and root your device and download setcpu and jrummys overclock and overclock it with a lower voltage and use setcpu and make profiles for when the screen is off it slows down the processor and when its lower than like 20% it slows it down.

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Thank you! I am using task killer and will get rid of it once I figure out what you wrote. I should have explained I'm pretty slow figuring all this tech stuff out. I am starting to get really frustrated and thinking maybe this phone isn't for me. I miss my copy and paste so much. I don't know how to do it and when I did it one time it went to a phantom clipboard. Also, my phone will just shut off for no reason and I can't get it back on for awhile. It has happened several times and when I really need my phone. Any advice?

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First off :welcome: to the forum. As for the battery, they dont last that long. I keep my charger with me. Setting the screen brightness to auto and not running too many widgets helps.
The task killers. To uninstall them or any app hit menu then settings/ applications/ manage applications. Let the icons load then scroll through. Clicking on one gives you more options. Two of the options are uninstall and force stop(your built in task killer). Heres more on them:
To copy and paste just long press the text box. Most browsers have that option using the menu button.
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