Belated Introductions


Nov 6, 2009
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I joined up the day the Motorola Droid came out, mostly to see what I can find from other users.

Been mostly a Blackberry User, namely a Blackberry 8400g and Storm user, as it was company provided. Formerly a T-mobile user and now Verizon user because of the simple fact that where I am, Verizon has a strong local presence and having 3 major Wildfires knocking out the city grid... Only Verizon with its strong local presence had towers up when it came down to needing service.

I've checked out the Droid first hand at the store, and decided to get one, liking the text messaging ability as well as its general other abilities.

I'm the IT guy for my company, so I get to be the poor sucker who has to figure out all of this, and also mentioned it to several of our users that it looks like a good iPhone competitor for those who are on Verizon and don't want to switch to AT&T. Myself, I don't like the iPhone for one of the reasons the iDon't Commercial put up, replaceable batteries. Never was a fan of devices you can't replace batteries like this, even though I have a shaver that makes it hard to replace the battery. :)

I have posted a little, and by no means claim to be a guru on all things, but hopefully, I can be of some help. :)


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Nov 4, 2009
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Germany, Near Frankfurt/Main
A verry warm :welcome: to you keiichi25!

A lot of us guys here r former BlackBerry Users, that search for something else....maybe a working office, that combines both beauty and functionallity all in one! Maybe thats what we all BB-User look for.

Make sure u participate in the social group of former Blackberry users ;)