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Oct 24, 2010
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I have been a lurker on this site since I got my moto droid this past summer. As with all droid users I am sure, I get to hear, "you're always on your droid".

When I got my phone, I got familiar with just the basics, and once I was comfortable I started downloading apps. I would try out and discard ones I didnt use much. Now, I am in the process of making it more unique for me, and better organized while being as productive for me as I can make it. I pretty much have stopped using my laptop since I have had the droid.

I'm starting to look at maybe changing my home replacement with open home, or panda, but not sure if I want to. Gonna start looking at the boards for discussions.

About me:

I live in Rochester NY.
I am a Toolmaker (tool and die).
I am a father of 2 children.

Thanks for this site, as it has great information and great members as I can see!