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Jan 12, 2010
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Lodi, CA
'ello 'ello,
Just wanted to post my intro here on this great forum you guys have. I got my hands on a new droid the other day and found this forum, which is a great source for information. No issues and no questions so far, although I am new to this forum, I'm no stranger to the search function :popcorn:
Anyone familiar with 'search' is welcomed here :icon_ devil:
Welcome to the Forums!
Appreciate the kind welcomes, beings that I have what seems to be insomnia lately, I've been spending many countless hours over the last few days reading just about everything I can find on this site. What I can honestly say is that this forum seems like a nice group of intelligent individuals all looking to help out the others in this community, which I'm glad to see. Recently dropped AT&T and my iPhone ( I know I know), and was very into the whole Jailbreak/Modding/HTML and what not, and some of the unnamed forums I attended didn't seem to be so friendly/help oriented, glad I made the phone/network change as well as a new forum.