Interesting Calendar Syncing Issue*Please Help

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Dec 2, 2009
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I need some help getting the info to sync properly with my google calendar when I switch ROMS. I noticed this issue when I switched roms I think with Gingerbread roms.

I have a lot of standing appointments which are synced as weekly appointments. I also have appointments I put in on a non weekly scheduling. Also I often delete single instances of standing appointments and need them to stay deleted. That is the problem.

Well when I recently switched from SS5.4 to PE6.5. It synced my calendar but all the past standing appointments came back....even the ones I deleted and it is imperative that I know which appointments were deleted and which ones were not when looking back in my calendar.

I hope this is clear and I hope someone can help me.

Just a bit of information that may help, when I switch back to the nandroid backup of SS5.4 my calendar is fine and syncs correctly with the appointments I deleted still gone.

BUT, when I perform a fresh install of ANY ROM now (including a new install of SS5.4) my calendar syncs and shows all past STANDING appointments which I dleted. These appointments, however, do not show in my Google calendar when viewed online nor do they show in my calendar in this one nandroid backup I have of SS5.4.

I tried deleting the calendar.apk and reinstalling it but that did not help.

Also tried clearing all data in the calendar and calendar provider.apk and then resyncing it with Google but I had the same problem.

I even tried restoring my SS5.4 backup of the calendar with TiBu and that didn't work. This is an interesting issue which is clearly not ROM specific and also happens with FROYO clean install ROMS too by the way.

Any help would be greatly appreciated with this very curios, interesting problem. I think it will be a challenge to figure out this problem but I am confident that someone here can help. Thank you.


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Nov 15, 2009
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