Installing OTA update after unofficial froyo


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Jul 18, 2010
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Ok yesterday i finally decided to start messing around with my droid. seeing as how froyo was not released the 13th ota. yes i know it was just a roomer. anyways, to make it simple because i dont really know much yet about messing with my phone so this is the link to how i put froyo on my droid

A Guide to get Froyo - for NON-ROOTED users

i wasnt exactly happy with this so i then proceeded to do it with the latest froyo leak FRF84B (to my knowledge) here is the link. i followed instruction and used rom manager to do all this

Motorola DROID Android 2.2 Froyo ROM FRF84B Leaked, Get it Now! | Gadgets DNA

i am alot more happy with this. everything works on it so far.
but my main question is. once the official foryo release comes out for dorid. will i be able to do the ota update? because a few people have said i will brick my phone if i do so
thanks -josh
you can always unroot and get the official OTA update even though it wont be as good as the custom ROMs
You can do an official OTA but you will lose root. I'm not going to be updating to the OTA personally. Whoever told you it will brick it is misinformed.
cool thank you very much. but when it come to being rooted i am not really sure if i am. 1 becuase i am just learning how to mod my droid. doing what i did was alot for me. had to watch a few videos and alot of research before attempting lol and 2. i tried to over clock with milestone/droid overclock app from market and it gave me a message prompt when i tried to do so saying that i need to be rooted to use the app