Installed v0.8, ran customizer, and now stuck in reboot


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Jun 27, 2011
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I recently installed Liberty v0.8 and I ran the customizer and everything worked until it asked to reboot, which I did, and now I'm stuck on the Liberty Rom loading screen with the eagle spinning around. I tried booting into recovery by holding the x and power and then the search but it just stays on the picture of the android and the exclamation mark. Anyone know what to do to save my Droid?

My phone is the Droid 2
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Press volume up and down at the same time when ur at that screen, not the search key, that one doesn't work on gb :)
You should have left it alone. Sometimes it takes awhile for the ROM to fully load up, especially after doing the Customization.
I had the same issue and had to wipe and reinstall.
My issue was setting the default launcher to "setup."
All is fixed now :D I panicked so I sbf-ed it and then reinstalled gingerbread and did the rooting and everything and then installed Liberty and now everything's good :D But thanks.. I'll keep everything in mind for future reference