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Apr 8, 2011
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so my name is arocafella* lol im a very happy droidX owner that idk what id do withoiut. i also work for Verizon, an "indirect agent". i have a small background with electronics engineering, and love everything about technology. unfortunitly i dont know as much as id want to know, but hey-we never stop learning right? so ill keep it short and sweet for now-cya all in the forums!

:welcome: to the forum. There's a lot of info here. Take your time and search. If you have any questions, just ask :)

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Welcome to the community Aroc!

We will endeavor not to ask you too many questions about your 'indirect' employer.

We do want board room meeting minutes though, typed up if possible. :D
welcome to the forum! hey ur learning and that's the main thing to help customers. u gotta know ur product before u can sell it. that's what I tell my staff

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Welcome to the forum :)
hey thanks guys, when i get some good info, dont worry, ill be sharing. btw incredible 2 is comming very soon, ill update on monday. oh and i was wondering if theres a place on this forum i can check where if i post in a thread i can be notified if theres posts after mine. or do i just have to remember the thread i went into and manually check?

thanks in advance dancedroid
u mean on ur mobile? yes, u can go into ur settings/notifications/then how often to check ur msgs. it should go straight to ur email u initially signed up with.

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