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Nov 14, 2009
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Hey fellow Droid owners and future Droid owners,

My name is Charlie and I recently purchased the Motorola Droid...I am still learning the technology as I am not coming from any kind of smart phone (never owned a phone that did much more than call/text).

I also own two Aircards (One with Sprint and one with Verizon). I have a lot of information that I am trying to take in right now but I have a lot of questions and look forward to using this forum to gather some of it.

My questions involve everything from "Jailbreaking" (not sure if many people have figured out how to do that with the Droid yet) and "Tethering" for free with the Droid...I am currently trying to figure out both.

So far, I have really enjoyed the Droid technology. As far as what it can do, I would have to say that the Droid is by far better than the iPhone. Just amazing....Anyways, thanks for giving the information that you do, and hopefully you guys can start pointing me in the right direction...who knows...maybe eventually ill be giving advice and information to other people.
Welcome to DroidForums!

So far since 2.0s Source Code was released recently "jailbreaks" or what is called rooting your phone should show up shortly within the coming weeks. I also came from the iPhone 3GS