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Nov 26, 2017
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Motorola G5S Plus
Please help as I'm being slowly tortured.

When using my headset (standard Motorola headphones that came with the phone) my music/podcasts or even just silence are CONSTANTLY interrupted by the Google Assistant voice.
She says: 'When it's safe, you'll first need to tap the notification. Then you can let headsets work with the Google Assistant'

Once this starts, it just doesn't stop! Sometimes I'll get a few seconds more of my podcast inbetween interruptions but often the message glitches and interrupts itself. 'When it's safeWhen it's safeWhen its safe'

It's MUCH louder than whatever I was trying to listen to and when I look at my phone the volume is glitching and changing without me pressing the volume button.

I have tried pressing the notification card to turn off the Assistant but to no avail. I only get prompted to turn the Assistant on. I have also long-pressed the notification card and changed to 'block all notifications' but I still get the voice interruption, I just don't see the notification card.

I'm being driven slowly mad by this error, please help.
So sorry you are being slowly tortured by that voice. I think I would feel like I was going insane. Depending on the phone you have, there may be something you can do to disable that voice.

I'm not sure if this will work, but open up Google assistant and go into the Google assistant settings. Go to "phone," and either turn Google assistant off or try to turn off the Google Assistant notifications. Depending on your phone, you may not have the same settings available.

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Welcome to the Forum. Which phone and which Moto headset / headphones? That sounds very odd, I have not heard of that situation before. Hopefully someone here can help figure out a solution.

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I have had similar problems when the headphones got old and the wiring started to wear out. The solution was to get new headphones. You might also try cleaning the headphone jack with some compressed air and/or a q-tip with just a little rubbing alcohol on it.
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Thank Tismydroid, I thought what you suggested had worked but she came back again yesterday! Although it was only once and I haven't heard her since.

The phone is a Motorola G5 S Plus with Motorola Pulse M Series headphones. Both about a month old!
It sounds like the Mic built into those headphones is designed to work with Moto Voice / Google Now (Assistant) and that's prompting the voice prompts. What does the Moto App look like on a G5 +? Any options in any of the Settings for "Voice while wearing headset"...etc?

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Also check this in the Google App. Settings > Hands Free


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Update to this version, has not glitches, is very stable.. version
one thing you can do is to turn off notification on everything google then turn them on one at a time to find out which one is causing the problem.
I had something similar. My phone kept waking up while it was in my pocket and saying "When its safe you'll first need to tap the notification. Then, you can let headsets work with the Google Assistant."

It was extremely annoying, and sometimes embarrassing, when I was talking to someone and my phone started repeating that same phrase over and over again while we are trying to talk. It would happen even when there were no notifications on the screen and no headset attached to the phone. And I always have my phone in a case, which keeps the side buttons from being hit.

I've spent hours searching online for an easy way to disable it, but the only way to get rid of this annoying bug was to go into Settings, Apps, select the "Google" app, and click the Disable button. It warns you that certain things may not work if you disable it, but you can safely ignore that warning. The only things that really stop working are the Google app itself and the Google Assistant. After living a few weeks without them, I can say they are easy to live without. It's much better than having a phone constantly draining the battery, interrupting conversations, and making people stare at you when your phone randomly starts talking in your pants pocket.