Incredible 2 and Sand Issues


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Jan 10, 2010
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I was at the beach yesterday and it was very windy. Sand blew all over the place and it looks like it got wedged under the power button on my phone so I can`t use the button to turn the screen on, but the phone still worked. I took it to a verizon store, and the guy took the battery out, and now I can`t get the phone to turn on. He said that it looks like I`m gonna have to do an insurance claim and get a new phone. Any tips or tricks I can use to get it back on? I tried plugging it in to see if that would turn it on, but that hasn`t worked. If I have to do insurance, I`d love to try and get the Bionic. Does anybody know when that comes out and if it`s possible thru insurance?


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Jun 28, 2011
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you won't get it through insurance. you'd get the same phone you have now, sicne its new. Maybe a refurb, but the same DInc2.

did you clean the contacts of the battery and phone?

This is why I always put my phone in a ziplock bag at the beach. You can still see the display, hear someone calling, etc. and no sand. I'm in FL, so its very handy.