Incoming calls not showing

Okay, I'm not worthy.
I didn't know you could press on the various selections and change them. I thought I could only toggle on and off. Holy smokes, my phone works again!!!!!
I'm so sorry to take up everyone's time with something I should've known or explored further.
Thank you all so much, and thank you @CJM for getting me to go back for the umteenth time and focusing on exactly what was in front of me!
I'm back in business, folks!
My mom's out of surgery and my phone's working as it should! Life is very very good right now!!!
Oh, in answer to your second question, no, I haven't installed anything new lately. I'm not sure how the setting got changed, but I do sometimes put it back into my holster without putting it to sleep first. Maybe my fingers caused changes putting it in the holster the other day?
Phew, y'all. You have no idea what weights have been lifted off my shoulders right now.

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Glad all is good. I tried to find the Notification screen that @Sajo & you where showing but I couldn't find it. This is a Pixel XL & my work phone is a Moto G4 Play . Both running stock roms. Maybe a Z thing?

But all in all I'm happy for your mom
and this from someone who..

Yes, you are correct I made a mistake the other day and have apologized for it. Thank you for alerting me to my bad judgement and rudeness, so I could make an apology.

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