In Hilarious Twist BlackBerry Trolls Themselves With AndroidPolice User's Comment!


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Oct 6, 2011
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We just got the news from BlackBerry that we will be getting a few new Android smartphones from them soon! Their new flagship the DTEK60 has all the specs you would expect from a high end device, plus added security, and a really affordable $499 price point. BlackBerry was chomping at the bits to get a blog post up showcasing all the positivity and hype surrounding the announcement of this device. Whoever wrote up the blog made an unfortunate blunder that would just go right over most readers heads.

Back in 2013 blackberry released their BBM app to Android. It quickly soared to the top of the Play Store rankings with an instant 60,000 five star ratings. Everyone seemed to love the new BBM and the ability to use it on their beloved Android device. Ironically all the users leaving a review posted the same exact thing. "Thanks BlackBerry - thank you so much BlackBerry Team its really great user friendly and smooth." It is unclear whether or not BlackBerry paid a company to spam the reviews of this app. BlackBerry has denied having anything to do with these suspicious reviews.

Today BlackBerry posted a vlog to showcase all the DTEK60. The blog post leads with some quotes from several reputable publications including TechRadar, Crackberry, The Register, Android Guys, and Forbes. They went a step further and included user tweets about the device. They took it even a bit further and reposted user comments to articles about the device. One of the comments was meant to be a joke, but apparently BlackBerry didn't get the memo.


via AndroidPolice