Importing contacts from a Blackberry


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Jan 7, 2010
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I recently made the switch from a Blackberry Curve 8330 to the Motorola Droid. The people at the Verizon store "imported" my contacts to the droid from the blackberry, but unfortunately, it only did this for about half of my contacts. How do I import all to the droid?
I just did this because I am anal about my business phone and prefer not to give any information on it to the VZW employees (like my gmail account and password that they are asking me openly the store). You need to install the Blackberry Desktop Manager, import the contacts into Outlook, export the contacts into a windows CSV file, and then go to your gmail account, import, and import the CSV file. Worked like a charm for me.
well, i have bb desktop manager, did the whole synch thing, and the only thing it pulled to my outlook was contacts' email stuff.

I cant see how to bring my blackberry contact list over to my laptop or to the droid. I have over 350 contacts, and typing all that stuff manually would take me forEVER! LOL.

Is there an EASY way to do this? Bear with me as i just got the Droid about an hour ago, and still trying to figure all this stuff out.
If you take it into the store, they have a machine that will do it automaticly. Actually right in front of you so you know the phone doesn't leave your sight. I transfered all my contacts from my BB to the Droid with no problems when I got my phone at BBY.
well, i have bb desktop manager, did the whole synch thing, and the only thing it pulled to my outlook was contacts' email stuff.
Strange... I've never run into that with Desktop Manager. You might want to give Google Sync a shot.

How many address books are on your BB? The default one may only have email addresses if there are more than one.
Grab google sync on your BB and sync it to gmail. Quick and painless

Google Sync for your phone

this is what i did

Me too and I didn't even realize it.

I had backed my Storm's contacts up to my Gmail account and forgot about it. My Verizon store was going to charge me $10 to transfer them (screw that, I've got time, I'll do it myself). I went to get home and saw that the phone had already downloaded them

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Saved me $10 and some time.
You should be able to do this via Bluetooth. Here is what I did (more or less - I do nto have the blackberry anymore so I am going from memory):

From the Bluetooth screens on both phones follow the procedure to Pair the droid and the blackberry
On th blackberry bluetoote cinneciton screen, select the droid and click on it a menu shuold appear on the blackberry.
On the blackberry select "transfer address book

The droid will say "droid"

The droid should alert you that a file has been received and ask if you want to download it, say yes.
The droid will than ask you how you want to store it, select vcard to Phone.
The Blackberry contacts will be stored in your droid phone

Back up your droids contacts list usnig your contact backup app.

This took about 5 minutes to transfer nearly 500 contacts but they all came across.
Just be aware of the contact types created using the various approaches. I believe the post above will create Phone contacts which will not sync.
Sometime it happens that only some contacts can transfer in another Mobile. Once it happened with me and I directly went to service center and they did very fast though software. I think they can do better and fast. I bought Blackberry case from there because it protects our Mobile so It's very useful for me.